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Today I watched the French movie ‘Comment c’est loin’ which is about the rap/hip-hop duo Casseur Flowters.

Basically the story is that they need to make a song in a day to please their producers who’ve been waiting for a few years for the duo first song, however under this basic almost comedy-like story the movie is actually about how the duo need to faces their issues, the fear of failure etc

The end song which is both the song they make for their producer in the movie and the last song you hear before the credits theme is about how they or what they make will never be unaccomplished no matter what happen. How is that relevant to SinaRun you might ask? I don’t know. I just though it was interesting and fairly inspiring

Anyway, enough of this sad introduction!

Elastic Light

Today update include changes to Elastic Light and others maps, many bugfixes and polishing there and there. There’s not many changes that need to be detailed so the changelog should cover everything!


Since this update (and the one before) fix exploits and bugs related to the leaderboards, I took the liberty to delete a few ‘suspicious’ times on the leaderboards.

Known Issues

Controllers might have issues on OSX and Linux
A few texts are missing in Spanish and Polish translations
Mouse cursor being visible and unlocked when it shouldn’t is partly back
Slick Talk lights changes were partly reverted
White Roads bloom changes were partly reverted

Engine Changes

That might sound totally insane but I backported the entire game back to Unity 4. Unity 5 actually present too much issues that I don’t really want to deal with for the moment at least.

Oh well. I guess I saved 700$. Everything that was broken due to engine changes should be back to normal! (anti-aliasing, colors etc). I must say backporting Elastic Light to Unity 4 was an interesting experience. I don’t know if there was an ‘intended’ solution for this but I ended up writing my own thing. Was fun! In the end Elastic Light look almost the same on both version. (Though I had to find a way to do Height Fog on Unity 4 that didn’t break transparent things and anti-aliasing too much)

General Changes

Re-enabled multiplayer and leaderboards
Removed the link to my Twitter in the menu, some users commented that it felt too mobile game-like and beside I didn’t have enough room for this version number
Maximum shadow distance is now 225 (it was pretty destructive to set it higher anyway)
The ‘Automatic’ settings for resolution is now disabled when in fullscreen (it was intended to be used only in windowed)
Due to the engine changes, Post-AA is re-enabled by default (it look pretty okay in Unity 4. For Post-AA that is!)
Invert Sprint is now disabled by default (Left-over from testing. Sorry)
In Training F3 now allow you to hide the training UI. No-clip is now on F4

Controller Changes

LT and RT can now be used to sprint
(A) can now be used to jump

In the future I plan on adding rebinding or at least different layouts but for the time being these two changes should already help a lot!

Maps Changes

Fixed additional floating pillars in Slick Talk (specially at the end of the level)
Fixed clipping issues in maps where pillars reached kinda high (Slick Talk, Elevated Highground etc)
Slightly improved performance of some level previews

Golden Opportunity
Made a ‘wall’ sliiighty larger to make a shortcut easier and more consistent
Moved a pillar to allow for more creative jumps toward the end of the level
Moved a wall slightly out of the way toward the end to allow for a tighter turn

Blue Horse
Reduced shadow opacity to make it easier to see platforms (Thanks GoldenRoxGaming for his video!)

Blast Tendency
Moved a pillar after the first angled pillar (arch thing) jump to make it less frustating (and more consistent)

Elastic Light
Improved performances
Moved many platforms around to better balance the paths

It is now easier to get to the left path and you can now easily commit to the left path from the middle one (where previously you needed to fully commit to the left path at the beginning), in addition it take more time to start with the right path now to better balance the two. Merging to the right one from the center is still possible.

The right path is still not as interesting as the left one even though it’s faster but these changes should already contribute toward a better balanced map (and also allow for more creativity from the center path). Further work will be done toward this in the future

UI Changes

Added padding to notes (fix issues where at some low resolution it looked like the text was overflowing)

Bugs Fixes

Fixed various typos in both English and French
Fixed a few crashes related to leaderboards
Fixed missing visual effects in some level previews (Unusual Downtown and Spiritual Era in particular)
Fixed Status Bar ingame not being aligned correctly with the menu at low resolution
Fixed option menu closing when rebinding the pause button
Fixed IP input field label being too small and thus causing two lines for no reason at low resolution
Fixed credits having major encoding issues and not scaling correctly at low resolution
Fixed resolution dialog being mis-aligned at low res (which lead to the scrollbar being hidden)
Fixed camera field of view bugging out in the settings menu when Invert Sprint was enabled (in-game)
Fixed spawn height for the last tutorial teleport
Fixed missing geometry in Community Interest level preview
Fixed Spiritual Era brigtness and bloom issues
Fixed an issue where audio didn’t play in the main menu but worked fine in levels
Fixed a missing colon in the Spanish translation
Added missing translation in French

Hopefully you guys like the update! Next update should be a more content focused one hopefully. I have a few ideas for a new map..

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Heeello everyone!

Yeah sorry I already broke my new rule of starting post with ‘hai!’. It’s not like it’s the first time I’m breaking promises though.. What happened to SinaRun you might ask? ‘It’s releasing in July’ you said! Well first of all there was a Path of Exile update sooo Yeah. It was actually okayish. Like it was still bad! But it was better than it used to.

Anyway! Let put all that behind us. I’d rather not be remembered asp that guy that got Chronique de Solaria’s (It’s an inside joke with my good friend FoxFiesta.) Oh yeah talking about FoxFiesta! What a man. How can one man be so based you might ask? Well look at that :

Yep. That’s right. SinaRun is finally coming out. Actually it’s releasing tomorrow. In 15 hours! (I should have done that post earlier this week I think.. Damn.) and it’s releasing in that weird thing that people don’t remember when good games go through it. Also known as EARLY ACCESS! (the demon!)

Talking about the wolf..

Why? Well. SinaRun is one fine piece of a game but that’s exactly the problem. It’s only one piece! The mechanics are obviously done but the game could use more content! More Levels! More Gamemodes! More things as a whole! Don’t get me wrong the actual content is already pretty cool but it could certainly use.. more awesome things!

Right now what’s the state of the game you says? Well it work for starter. There’s 16 levels, a online multiplayer that (kinda?) work and online leaderboards powered by Steam! If you like this type of game, manage to find a map you like and there’s enough competition on the leaderboard you could last at least 10-20 hours? I know some of my testers have around 30~ hours

The game will cost 2.99$ USD and there’s currently no price change planned Considering the actual content of the game that’s a pretty cool price. Considering it’s my type of game I would most certainly buy it if I saw it on Steam.

Click to go to the game subreddit!

Releasing on Steam also means expanding our community! Most people in the ‘community’ (as small as it can be) right now are pretty cool so let’s keep it that way uh? Some days ago I also opened a SinaRun Subreddit which you can find here : https://www.reddit.com/r/sinarun .

Currently it’s kinda empty and feature the default Reddit theme BUUUUT I’ll work on it after the release and I hope together we can attempt to make some kind of community on there!

Patches, news and everything suitable I can find will be posted there so if you’re a Reddit user, like SinaRun and would like to have the news when they come this is one of the best place to follow. (My Twitter being the best). There’s also a link to the subreddit (and my Twitter!) in every single menu of the game so it shouldn’t be hard to make people come.

I really hope some kind of community manage to be form around the game be it on the Subreddit (or on my Twitter!). It would be incredibly cool to have people sharing their routes, techniques and stuff! (Though I know sharing advanced techniques in a game based around simplicity is weird I’m sure you guys will eventually find things to do.)

And that’s pretty much it for the SinaRun release for the moment. I’ll post about my progress, intentions and others things when these are ready (hint : Steam Achievement, remake of multiplayer and more!)

Thanks for taking interest in the game.

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Starting posts with ‘hai’ is the new meta for this blog. ‘Hai’ used to be quite popular but it eventually falled off when the ‘better memes’ started kicking in. So I’m taking the ‘hai!’ for myself.

Now there’s a important thing to note here. LOLCAT language is still popular and it does include ‘hai’ as a ‘Hello’ alternative but to me ‘hai’ was never exclusive to LOLCAT language. What do you guys think?

Anyway that’s not important for the moment. Take notes still though!

Let’s talk about my problem : I’m the laziest developer in the fucking world. SinaRun was supposed to be released soon after greenlight but the game has been greenlit since September and still no release!! What’s happening? Motivation problems? Yes exactly! SinaRun is a nice game and I like it. Since the last update I already included some cool stuff all around : Steam Achievements, Steam Trading Cards, Steam Lobby for multiplayer so you can join your friends. (It’s not 100% finished yet but it’s pretty close)

I also added some options and fixed a bunch of things. More importantly I recoded a major part of the game in C# to allow for better usage of the Steam API and also because it’s a bit clearer than UnityScript. It’s also similar to other languages I like so I can switch between all of these without any big problems!

What’s left for release you may ask? Answer : Content! I added some levels but we need more levels. Levels are fun! Also Steam Leaderboards! It’s the last Steam API function needed. I also talked about making a Level Editor but it’s not intended to be released at the same time the game release anyway since I also need to add Workshop support so everyone can sell share his maps with other players.

Today I bought Taylor Swift latest album : 1989. For the moment my favorite song in it is ‘This Love‘ but it might be because I already listened to ‘Style‘ and ‘Blank Space‘ a lot. Actually I can’t even listen to Blank Space anymore. I don’t like it anymore! Bad Blood is also pretty cool! I think it will be my next favorite song in it. Cause baby we got bad blood.

Anyway. As you see there’s not much things to add to finish up the game and release it. So why am I panicking you might ask? Well. I’m still young (Just a young boy trying to play some dota) so obviously I’m not in need of money yet. So what’s the problem? The problem is Love&Luck. Not the concept because Love is pretty nice and I’m a pretty lucky (young boy). But the game.

Logo du jeu Love&Luck
My English audience hasn’t heard of it because it was originally a text-heavy game and I couldn’t translate it but the project evolved into something much more translatable (and sell-able) even the French crowd hasn’t heard of what the project is currently now but I promise you. It evolved into something much bigger. You guys will hear more about it this summer. I promise it’s very good! Everyone that has seen it says that it’s A-W-E-S-O-M-E so it must be!

I still didn’t describe what the problem with the release date of SinaRun was did I? Well like I said I want you guys to hear about Love&Luck this summer. To make news about a game you actually need to make the game so I would like to start making Love&Luck this summer. For that I need to release SinaRun before you know! Now now I know ‘don’t have two projects at the same time!!!!’. Well I’ve been working on SinaRun for almost years! (and the reason the game is not yet fully advanced is because I lost my way.)

The game is playable, people find it fun, there’s a good soundtrack and there’s multiplayer! All of the ‘normal’ features are actually there (except Leaderboards but these depended on Steam). Considering the very low cost of the game (2-3$) I don’t think it’s totally absurd to release it with a ‘normal’ amount of content and then update it later. Specially considering it’s a game where you do the same map a bunch of time in a row until you become the very best.

Is the game gonna die after the release? .. Maybe who knows. InMomentum died after release and it’s a quite similar game to SinaRun. I fully understand that the game might die and that releasing with not a huge amount of content might even make it die faster. However unlike InMomentum, the game cost 2-3$ and I’m a solo-developper that can actually listen to feedback. So maybe it can live.

There’s also something I explored earlier this year : Early Access. Months ago I asked the community what they thought of Early Access and everyone was happy about it and said they would like to play it as early as possible on Steam so hey. That’s something. Early Access is not well seen on the internet though. But since the core of the game is finished I think it wouldn’t be a problem. Obviously the game would be at reduced cost during Early Access (probably 2$ like right now) and I would keep adding content (levels once in a while and gamemodes) and finish up the Level Editor later on while working on Love&Luck. What you guys need to know about Love&Luck is that I’ll be working with someone else on it which means I can fully afford working on a lesser project (SinaRun) while developing Love&Luck. Will I release in Early Access? Maybe. It’s something I’ll look at.

Alright let’s enter the core of this post. (930 words and we are still not in the subject. Classic Princesseuh)

I admit it fully. I lack motivation right now for SinaRun (recoding a game is not a fun experience! In general you avoid it in Software development but it was a very informative experience for me and overall it help the game a lot). If I was as motivated as other devs the game would have been available in November/December. But I’m not! At All. 

This month (May) I would like to start something with you guys! When I started making the first SinaRun I actually streamed the development. Sure I didn’t have much viewers (5-10 usually) but once in a while someone would come and say hello. Which was pretty fun + I could ask for direct feedback which is pretty cool! (And is also the reason why I kinda like the Early Access concept)

So this Month I would like to announce :

The -almost- 30 days May Rush of SinaRun.

Streamed on Twitch at the same exact channel I streamed SinaRun 1 development years ago : http://www.twitch.tv/princesseuh/ (the viewer counter is broken at 0. I promise I had viewers!)

Why I’m making a stream? Because it force me to motivate myself and seeing people interested in the project also motivate myself. Also people asked for it when I was doing the Ludum Dare months ago but I didn’t have my setup ready and I wasn’t sure I was really gonna get -any- viewers.

Will I get viewers this time? Maybe not. But it’s still fun! And this time Twitch has a ‘Game development’ part on the website so it’s easier to get noticed and my ‘userbase’ is bigger than it was before aswell. I think I’ll do fine. If I don’t.. well I’ll invite my friends to watch I guess..

I’ll -try to- stream everyday starting from now until the end of May. At the end of May I release the game on Steam if possible. Otherwise.. I’ll keep working on it until It’s ready. If the live-streaming thing work correctly and everyone like it I’ll try to continue live-streaming the development of Love&Luck from the very beginning!

Does this interest you guys? I sure hope so. Like I said I’ll stream even if I get no viewers. Just to motivate myself. I’m that desperate sometime.

No matter what happen, Romeo. We will be together and I’ll still finish this damn game before starting Love&Luck. I hope you guys don’t mind seeing non-organised code and bad workflow!

When will the first session start? To-Fucking-day (if possible) I want to start that as soon as possible. Delaying it will eventually become a real issue. As always I’ll announce the thing on mah Twitter because that’s where I can communicate the most. Also a banner will be shown on my website (so right here actually) like it used to be back when I did streams. (‘Today’ is 2 May)

Which days will be missed? Because if I understand correctly you’re not gonna be able to stream everyday? I actually don’t know. For some reason I have a ‘job’ and it’s not a full-time job and it’s pretty much random when I work or not. I’ll try to warn people these days so people don’t expect a stream when there’s no stream coming.

Follow me on Twitter | Follow me on Twitch

Actually, It’s about fixing my motivation problems.



It’s been a while since I last posted here.. Well actually when you think it’s been a while since I last posted something somewhere.

Don’t worry though. I’ve been working on SinaRun and other stuff I promise! The Steam version of SinaRun is almost ready (or at least the Steam store page is almost ready)

With Keranouille we’ve been working on trading cards (and backgrounds, emoticons, badges and stuff) so you guys can make some of that sweet sweet Steam money while playing SinaRun!

Here take a look (these are not final. they might change. Doubt it tho) :

PGUKTaH[1]  rHKkuk3[1]
Pretty neat uh?

I personally really like how good the logo look on the cards. As for the other things (backgrounds, emoticons and badges) they are pretty classic so there’s nothing fancy to show (+ the emoticons are not 100% done yet) . You’ll see them at some point (maybe before the release maybe not)

That’s pretty much it for the Steam part of it. Now for the game itself! Like I said on Greenlight/Twitter and stuff I’ve started working on a level editor!

There’s still one or two big issues to fix but it’s already kinda usable! I’ll look into adding fancy things and eventually full Steam Workshop support after the full release. It would be pretty cool to see a map making community around the game! Once the game fully support Steam Workshop I’ll probably try to organize a competition or something and the best map will be added to the game officially! That would be VERY cool uh.

While we’re talking about maps I would like to talk about how the maps will be categorized in the next update! As you probably know making a good, interesting and fun SinaRun map is kinda hard. Some people like this type of map some like this type better etc.. And sometime I like to make experimental new types of maps without having to face criticism (due to players expecting a ‘good’ map. Which is understandable!) so for the next update I added multiples categories for the maps!

This screenshot was taken before I added Golden Opportunity to the main menu. It’s in the Main Line
Also note the now working ‘Game Mode’ button ;3

The maps are currently separated in three categories : Main Line, Experimental and Classic. Main Line is for the confirmed good levels (all the current level), Experimental is well.. for experimental maps and Classic is for old maps from SinaRun Classic (the new update include 6 maps from SinaRun Classic). Here’s the current list of levels for each categories :

Main Line
1 Unusual Downtown
2 Blast Tendency
3 Elevated Highground
4 Wanderer Hideout
5 Sweet Sweet Celestial
6 Golden Opportunity

1 Inner Synergy

1 Red Things
2 White Roads
3 Blue Collums
4 Blue Horse
5 Dark Abyss
6 Light City

Eventually a fourth category will be added for customs maps (at the moment custom maps can be played through the Level Editor). I also plan on adding more filtering options to allow users to really find maps they like but that’s not needed for now considering there’s only 13 maps!

And that’s pretty much it for today post. I’ll try to post more considering we are getting closer to a eventual release! (The Steam store page should be up soon.. ish? I don’t know when. In the days/weeks/months to come for sure)

See ya all!

First preview of Golden Opportunity
Click to enlarge!

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At first I wasn’t supposed to make a level for this update but some of my friends said that despite being a optimization update it would feel too empty without a new map sooooo here we are!

Sweet Sweet Celestial. Visual by @Keranouille

Itch.io and IndieGameStand buyers can download this update by visiting the download page (Game Wallet for IndieGameStand and the My Games page for Itch.io)

For Groupees buyers : AFAIK the Groupees Staff need to manually update the download link. So you guys will only receive the update when Groupees is ready which will be.. I don’t know when. It’s honestly a pain in the ass to have a game there. You can’t do anything yourself and you need to contact Groupees by mail then wait some hours/days for every tiny details

Alright here’s the changelog :

CHANGELOG 1.3 SinaRun 2

– Added GUI animations for the main menu and the pause menu
– These can’t be disabled but I made the fading faster in the option menu. Knowing it can be hard to navigate in it
– Also the animation only change the GUI alpha. So if you know where things are you can start doing things before they appear
– The animation is pretty fast so there’s shouldn’t be any problems anyway
– Enabled the ‘Title’ thingy in the main menu and the pause menu
– Example : The ‘SinaRun 2 | Main Menu’ thing will now switch to ‘SinaRun 2 | Options’ if you are in the options
– This is still pretty unfinished. Further improvements will happen!
– The game now support Fullscreen Windowed! Enjoy playing without Vsync without any screen tearing

– Added a new map : Sweet Sweet Celestial. Most are not gonna like the colours but that’s totally okay. More of a stylish level than anything but I wasn’t even supposed to add a level to this update anyway. :) The whole design was made by @Keranouille. Go follow him and make him famous!
– The level feature a quite unique design and allow to get a lot of speed. Hope you guys like it!

– Unusual Downtown
– Fixed some shadows issues
– Removed the Tilt Shift setting
– It cause too much problems and don’t fit the visual style I want for SinaRun 2
– It was disabled by default since the game release so most of you shouldn’t notice any changes anyway
– Still enabled in the main menu preview because it look good. (Might disable if I get complains about that)

– Wanderer Hideout
– Made the left side at the end usuable without sacrifing too much speed (Realigned platforms etc)
– Remade the end of the level. Instead of transforming into a shorthop map it now continue being about long jumps.
– Reangled the slide, added new platforms.. etc etc
– Jumping off a slide angled that way give a huge forward boost. Jump at the right time or you’re gonna directly land offmap!
– Moved the first platform a little bit to make the first jump a little bit easier
– Removed the slide in the secret zone. Added stairs instead

– Improved performance -a lot- in menus
– This update was mostly about updating the menu so ingame FPS didn’t get affected that much.. yet.
– Some menus went from 450-600 fps too 900-1000fps on my computer
– Unusual Downtown is now a ‘Very Easy’ level. This don’t change the difficulty itself but only the difficulty indicator
– Made various changes to menus (better navigation, backend fixes.. etc)
– Added a link to my Twitter in the main menu
– I’ll add links to other social things later on
– Added the fullscreen setting in the ‘Video’ menu. For real this time
– Added the crosshair and scroll jumping setting in the main menu
– Fixed the fullscreen string even more
– Fixed some height issues with the pause menu (was too high sometime)
– Fixed the end screen showing a wrong rotation of the camera
– Fixed being able to jump while paused in multiplayer
– Fixed a issue with level changing/restarting in multiplayer
– Fixed the crosshair sometime not showing in multiplayer
– Fixed the sliders being too large in the pause menu
– The game now use XML files for the translation system (don’t worry devs. They weren’t hardcoded before. It was using a array)
– This should make it easier for me to update the translation files
– This will also make it easier for you guys to translate the game when I make a tool for that
– Retranslated the whole game. Less typos more fun!
– Pausing the game in singleplayer no longer freeze the game
– It might sound like a downgrade but in a ‘serious’ gameplay nobody is gonna pause while running anyway
– I did that change to make the code simplier and also because it will help for the future training mode
– I also think it look better because the particles keep moving even though the game is paused

// Known issues
– The rotation at reset is wrong on Linux
– It also happened in SinaRun 1 so I’m not sure how to fix this
– WORKAROUND : The timer start at the first keypress. So you can replace yourself before starting

There shouldn’t be any but with all the backend changes this update might introduce some bugs (specially in the menus)
Please report them if you see one!

Here’s a quick list of things I still need to optimize :
– The menu where you can choose the levels
– Ingame logic in general (how the pause menu work in particuliar)
And that’s pretty much it. Everything else was done in this update! :)

Like I said in the previous changelog this update is dedicated to make the code better and simplier. Lot of change for me but not much for you guys! The next update will be a content update.

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This is my first time writing a full English article. English not being my native language there might be some errors there and there. I’m sorry! Now that everyone is aware of my bad english we can start this article!

Before we start talking about my game I would like to inform everyone that my website is now fully-translated in English! There might be some tiny things not translated but these will be fixed!

Also! I updated some pages on the website to make things clearer. Hope you guys like the changes! (For the random sentence in the header : These will NEVER be translated. There’s like 300+ sentences in there)


This awesome logo was made by Keranouille! It will be also used as the new official logo for the game.

Around a month ago I released my game SinaRun 2 (which will be renamed to ‘SinaRun’ very soon) on Itch.io, Greenlight and some days after IndieGameStand! The game did okay! Well maybe not by the standard but since this is my first commercial game it did okay enough for me! Only 48h after the release I was at 40-50%~ of the way to the Top 100 on Greenlight.

That’s pretty awesome.. Want to know what’s even more awesome? Some days after the release youtubers, bloggers and even publishers started contacting me! Wow. People weren’t that interested in my games before but hey that’s awesome! So here we are now.. People like my game! (I said no to the publisher because I didn’t like the contract and anyway.. Being Indie is awesome!)

We are now the 3 September (13 days after the release). I receive a mail from Thomas Brooke, CEO and Founder of Groupees.com (a game bundle website). My game is okay enough to be included in a bundle? That’s pretty nice! Meanwhile the Greenlight was going very well. When Thomas first contacted me SinaRun was at 70%~ of the way to the Top 100!

10 September (20 days after the release) : The game was at 81% of the way to the Top 100 on Greenlight and the bundle launched! This bundle had a special ‘preorder’ thing where you could preorder the bundle for only 1.50$! 3300~ Bundles were sold during that special ‘preorder’ state. That’s pretty cool! 3300~ people now have my game in their library! The Bundle REALLY helped. 1-2 days after the Bundle I was in the Top 100 on Greenlight.

And then.. 8 days after the Bundle launch.. SinaRun get Greenlit! (28 days after the release) I’m not gonna lie I was QUITE happy about the situation. Greenlit under one month for a game that was not popular at all least than a month before? Also I wasn’t expecting it to get Greenlit (or at least not that fast) since the game is designed to only appeal to a specific type of people. The game was #41 on Greenlight when it got Greenlit.

Thanks everyone for voting for the game on Greenlight. Thank you to everyone who supported me!(I often forget to thank the people who supported me)

b7CL21c[1] QlEBLVb[1]
For those interested here’s two images of the Greenlight stats page for SinaRun 2

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Bonjour! Et bienvenue.

Ça fait maintenant plus d’une semaine que SinaRun 2 est disponible (Sur itch.io et Greenlight). C’est plutôt cool! Vous savez ce qui est encore plus cool? Les mises à jour. et comme je suis un mec cool qui fait des trucs cool. Voici une mise à jour! Hourra.

Si vous avez acheter le jeu un email vous sera envoyé pour vous dire que votre jeu a été mis à jour et sera donc téléchargeable sur itch.io. Pour les acheteurs IndieGameStand pareil sauf que les builds seront toujours un peu en retard par-rapport à itch.io. Et si vous ne possédez pas encore le jeu.. Bah vous attendez quoi? ;3 http://princesseuh.itch.io/sinarun-2

Changelog! (In French. English changelog is available here : http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/updates/302937944/1409846810)

– Ajout d’une réticule de visée (Optionnelle, désactivé par défaut)
– Ajout d’une option pour sauter avec la molette de souris (Désactivée par défaut)
– Comme il est impossible de contrôler la hauteur du saut cette option rend certains sauts impossibles.

– Vitesse latérale monté. (De 27 à 28)
– Vitesse.. par derrière monté. (De 29 à 30)
– Vitesse maximum lors des chutes monté. (De 35 à 36)
– Hauteur de base des sauts monté (de 1.2 à 1.205)
– Accélération dans les airs monté (de 20 à 21)

Afin de rendre certains changements plus clair j’ai envie de détailler ces changements :
– Vitesse Latérale
– Le changement à la vitesse latérale devrait aider les gens qui utilisaient A et D pour contrôler leur personnage dans les airs
– On perd bien entendu pas mal de vitesse à bouger latéralement dans les airs mais ça devrait quand même aider!

– Vitesse par derrière
– Ce changement peut sembler un peu meh mais je pense que ça aidera certaines chutes. Également je pense que ça serait marrant si les gens commençaient à faire les maps de derrière pour aller plus vite!

– Vitesse de chute, hauteur des sauts et accélération dans les airs

– Ces trois changements visent à rendre les chutes plus intéressante et les ‘short-hop’ légèrement plus dur mais encore plus gratifiant

Pour le moment je pense que ces changements sont corrects. D’autres changement arriveront si besoin! En particulier à la gravité et la vitesse maximum de chute.

– Ajout d’une nouvelle map : Wanderer Hideout. Montagnes enneigés avec des long sauts et un peu de sliding.

– Elevated Highground

– Le passage (au millieu de la map) est plus dur à prendre mais plus intéressant
– La plate-forme du milieu n’est plus aussi grosse et surtout plus dans le même angle. Également la plate-forme atterrissage est plus haute. Une perte de vitesse est maintenant fatale.
– Le raccourcis nécessite maintenant deux arrêts complets plutôt que juste un au démarrage
– Changer l’angle de la plate-forme du milieu la rend également plus visible. Pas mal de gens l’ont manqué

– Unusual Downtown

– Plutôt que de modifier la mécanique de slide elle-même j’ai préféré modifier leurs positions sur la map.
– Les trois premiers slides sont maintenant plus bas. C’est donc légèrement plus facile de rester bas dans la map maintenant
– L’angle du troisième slide a été changé. Ça permet d’enchaîner les deux derniers slides plus facilement
– J’ai ajouté plus de particles. Parce-que voilà.

// Corrections et changements divers

– J’ai déplacé l’option de Fullscreen en dehors du menu ‘Résolution’ (Merci Purexo et Maguirius!)
– Correction d’un bug qui rendait les credits super gros sur certaines résolution
– Correction d’un bug rare où les temps de développeurs étaient parfois faux
– La preview des niveaux dans le menu principal devraient mieux représenter le niveau maintenant
– À la base je ne voulais pas corriger ça mais comme Wanderer Hideout est faite légèrement différemment je suis obligé.

Pour la prochaine mise à jour ma principale priorité est d’optimiser et réécrire les vieux scripts qui datent du début du développement. Ça permettra l’ajout de nouvelles fonctions plus facilement et corriger quelques problèmes. Également un peu de polishing sur certains éléments.

Merci à tous pour le support!

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Bonjour et bienvenue dans la release de SinaRun 2.

Après toutes ces années mois de développement SinaRun 2 est enfin prêt à être release au grand public! Oui oui!
Pour l’occasion l’ami FoxFiesta m’a fait un trailer vachement cool!

Et donc comme précédemment dit dans l’article précédent SinaRun 2 est donc disponible sur Itch.io :

Également le jeu est votable sur Greenlight :

D’autres plateformes viendront dès que possible! Comme dit précédemment le jeu est donc à 1.99$ pour les premiers mois et il montera à 2.99$ à un certains point :)
Une version gratuite sera disponible dès que j’ai fini d’upload.

Merci à tous!

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Bonjour! Comme vous le savez SinaRun 2 sera bientôt disponible! Plus d’info dans cet article

Avant la sortie du jeu il y a quelques modifications/ajouts que je dois faire. Plutôt que de garder ma TODO List privée je pense qu’il vaut mieux la partager dans la cas présent. Comme ça vous pouvez voir ce qu’il reste à faire avant la sortie de votre futur jeu préféré!

ÇA COMMENCE! (Cette liste étant m’étant originellement destiné ça peut contenir des termes techniques. Désolé!)

À faire avant la sortie du jeu :
✓ Combiner les GUIStyles et GUISkins du menu principal
✓ Il faut que je le fasse pour l’HUD ingame maintenant
✓ Corriger un/les problème(s) avec le menu de retour en jeu après une déconnexion en multijoueur
✓ Ajouter un appel RPC lors de la connexion au lobby pour dire au joueur le niveau actuellement choisi par l’hôte
✓ Trouver une musique pour Unusual Downtown
– Faire une notification quand une nouvelle version est disponible J’en ai finalement pas besoin.
✓ Ajouter différents messages ‘Système’ dans le chat pour la (dé)connexion des joueurs et autres infos
✓ Essayer de corriger les différents problèmes d’optimisation dans le code d’HUD
✓ Améliorer la fin des niveaux en mode multijoueur de façon générale
✓ Permettre aux joueurs de changer de niveau sans devoir refaire le serveur
✓ Mettre la vélocité des joueurs à 0 quand quelqu’un gagne
✓ Identifier d’où viennent les différents problèmes de SceneID rencontré pendant la bêta (Peut-être déjà corrigé?)
✓ EDIT : Ça viens du deuxième niveau seulement. Problème de SceneID sur jesaispasquel objet (C’était sur la porte de fin de niveau. Je suis pas 100% sûr que ce soit corrigé mais rapidement ça l’est)
✓ EDIT 2 : J’ai corrigé le deuxième niveau mais il reste un problème de SceneID dans le menu principal (le prefix du niveau ne concorde pas avec le prefix du networklevelloader je pense)
✓ Améliorer l’expérience de chat (Horodatage, Position/taille de l’écran de chat, esthétique..)

Trucs optionnel pour la sortie du jeu mais intéressant :

✓ Faire un quatrième niveau
✓ Nettoyer le code de lobbying pour une éventuelle intégration SteamWorks
✓ Nettoyer le système de traduction pour permettre aux utilisateurs de traduire le jeu plus facilement
– Faire un outil pour permettre aux joueurs d’aider à la traduction
✓ Faire prendre en compte les informations du fichier de traduction au menu principal
– Ajouter une pop-up qui apparait seulement au premier lancement pour permettre au joueur de changer la langue du jeu
– Faire un écran avant le menu principal avec un logo ‘Princesseuh’
✓ Corriger le système de merde que j’ai fais pour les options avec du texte (Anti-Aliasing, Fullscreen etc)
– Ajouter un menu ‘Statistiques’ avec des statistiques complexe sur le joueur (Nombre de saut total, nombre de morts etc)
– Faire un indicateur de position pour le mode multijoueur
✓ Ajouts d’option diverses pour les joueurs en multijoueurs (Changer de niveau, kicker un joueur, changer les règles etc)
– Ajouter un système audio ‘complexe’ où le joueur pourra changer la musique avec des hotkeys
– Ajouter un système de fade sur les musiques pour éviter les changements trop brusque d’ambiance
– Utiliser un seul objet pour tout le jeu plutôt qu’un objet par scène pour la musique (sera fait automatiquement?)
✓ Identifier les problèmes avec la switch du fullscreen (Faute à Windows?)

À faire après la sortie du jeu :
– D’autres modes de jeux en solo et multi (Mode ‘Entrainement’ en Solo et ‘Trackmania’ en Multi surtout)
– Faire une caméra ‘cinématique’
– Refaire le style visuel de Unusual Downtown
– Des niveaux, des niveaux et d’autres niveaux
– Ajuster le jeu par-rapport aux différents feedbacks après la sortie
✓ Corriger les problèmes de faux-positif sur Chrome et certains anti-virus (sera fait automatiquement?)
✓ Faire un trailer

Ce post sera mis à jour par-rapport mon avancé sur le jeu. Avec des ✓ pour les problèmes réglés (et des vieux tirets pour ceux en cours). Mon but est bien entendu de mettre des ✓ sur tout les points de la liste pour la sortie du jeu mais certains problèmes peuvent prendre un peu de temps. :) La section ‘À faire avant la sortie du jeu’ sera bien entendu remplie de ✓ à la sortie du jeu.

J’annoncerai sur Twitter quand ce post sera mis à jour. À bientôt pour la sortie du jeu! :)

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On va rien se cacher : Mon ancien site il était pas pratique. C’est pourquoi AUJOURD’HUI (Plutôt hier..) j’ai décidé de mettre à jour le site. COMMENÇONS LA VISITE!


Étant un peu incertain du futur de tux-fh j’ai décidé de déplacer mon hébergement. princesseuh.eu > princesseuh.tux-fh.fr. Au début je voulais prendre ‘princess.eu/h/’ mais princess.eu était malheureusement déjà utilisé :(

Merci beaucoup beaucoup à Tux-FH pour l’hébergement gratuit. J’espère pour vous que les divers problèmes que vous semblez avoir seront réglé dès que possible! (Le changement d’hébergement règle également les différents problèmes de permaliens ou de RSS)


J’en ai ajouté quelques unes mais sinon rien n’a changé.
C’est plutôt épic d’écrire ‘Une nouvelle génération de ——‘ par-contre. PASSONS À LA SUITE!


Je pense que depuis maintenant quelques années les écrans de plus de 1080 pixels de large sont top-tendance!
J’ai donc élargi un peu le site! Ça permet d’avoir des articles moins dégueulasse niveau horizontal. Aussi c’est plus jolie!


J’ai également modifié un peu le style de quelques éléments. Mon but était de séparer mieux les différentes parties du site! J’ai donc ajouté des bordures au bloc principal et également des bordure aux titres pour les séparer correctement.. Je trouve que ça rend plutôt bien! Je vais peut-être changer quelques icônes et quelques couleurs mais j’aime bien ce que j’ai fais pour le moment.


Pour faciliter l’ajout de nouvelle section au site j’ai ajouté un menu déroulant au menu sous le header. Ça permet également d’accéder plus rapidement aux autres jeux! En parlant du menu : J’ai pour le moment retiré la section Outside mais elle reviendra un jour normalement.


Ouep ouep. Je crois que c’est ça. Je vais apporter quelques modifications supplémentaire dans les jours à venir mais je pense que cette version est plutôt cool! L’ancienne URL redirigera vers celle là également! :)

À bientôt pour un article sur SinaRun 2 je pense bien! (Très certainement l’analyse du développement de Blast Tendancy). Des screenshots de la troisième map devraient également arriver dans bientôt.. J’ai déjà quelques idées!